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The Municipality of Sines has 5 beaches with the Blue Flag award. This award was accredited to the beaches of Vasco da Gama, São Torpes, Vieirinha / Vale Figueiros, Praia Grande de Porto Covo and Praia da Ilha do Pessegueiro.

Praia Vasco da Gama

Mixed with the urban fabric of the city of Sines, Vasco da Gama beach is part of the Sines greeting card. Adjacent to the Fishing Port, the Vasco da Gama beach deserves to be visited all year long. You can enjoy a walk, jog or bike at sunset to enjoy the view. In the summer you can taste and appreciate the the gastronomic and musical events like the Tasquinhas, a regional sea food experience and World Music Festival. Under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority of Sines, the beach line has an extension of 360m. The protection of two jetties makes its bay sheltered which makes up for ideal sailing and underwater diving, enriched by historical and archaeological secrets in its depths. This beach also offers showers, sanitary facilities and access for people with motor difficulty.

Praia de S. Torpes

The most crowded beach in the region, known for its mild water temperature. With strong and regular waves, it offers great conditions for surf and other water sports. With road access and up to 696 parking places and 2000m of shoreline.

Praia de Morgavel

A non-urban beach with easy access. With good parking offer and several restaurants in the surrounding area. The beach line is over 350m, with good conditions for surf. It’s been considered one of the cleanest beaches in the Alentejo Coast.

Praia da Vieirinha

A beach linked to the dunes, also known as Vieirinha or Pedra da Casca. This beach is part of the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, one of the best-preserved stretches of coast in Europe. It has a wide sea area with strong waves, appreciated by surfers and bodyboarders with access on the municipal road and paved parking for 226 places.


Praia do Salto (naturista)

One of the smallest beaches of Porto Covo. Located between Cerro da Águia and the New Fence next to Praia Grande of Porto Covo, it has an atmosphere of privacy and tranquility. Since 2002 it has been part of the restricted group of naturist beaches officially recognized in Portugal.

Praia Grande de Porto Covo

The main urban beach of the village of Porto Covo. It has a beach front extension of about 200m. Surrounded by large cliffs that make it more sheltered, it is bathed by a sea of ​​clear waters that has a strong ripple appreciated by surfers. It has good access and support structures.

Praia da Ilha do Pessegueiro

A long sandy beach located in front of the island of Pessegueiro. During the summer, several boats provide visits to the island, crossing the channel that was used as a harbor for shelter by the Romans and Carthaginians and which today offers excellent conditions for water sports such as windsurfing, canoeing and diving. It has paved road access on the municipal road and parking for 131 seats.

Praia da Costa do Norte

The North Coast Beach is the first beach on kilometers and miles of continuous sand to the Tróia peninsula. Due to the sea bustle and the dangerous bottoms, this beach is not suitable for bathing, but can provide a rewarding experience for those seeking isolation and tranquility.