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World Music Festival

The World Music Festival (FMM) is an event managed by the Municipality of Sines, since 1999, the most important event of the cultural year in Sines and the biggest festival of "world music" that takes place in Portugal. Held annually, in the last weekend of July, between the historical scenery of the Castle and Avenida Vasco da Gama. FMM gathers top names of the world circuit of world music, jazz and blues.

For more information visit: www.fmm.com.pt

Feira do Mar

Held on the second weekend of June, it is managed by Sines Tecnopolo and the Municipality of Sines, a strategic event that focus on the promotion of the Blue Economy. An event made for sharing experiences and demonstrating blue economy projects, products and activities, bringing awareness, knowledge and opportunities to young people and the population in general.

More information: www.feiradomar.org

Tasquinhas Sines

Tasquinhas Sines, a gastronomic event by the sea on Avenida Vasco da Gama, overlooking the bay of the city and the fishing port. A local gastronomic event with daily entertainment program for 3 weeks in middle July, an experience of authenticity and contact with the locals.


Festa de Nossa Senhora das Salas

Nossa Senhora das Salas is the patroness of the fishermen in Sines and the saint with the greatest popular cult. The legend that gives rise to its devotion dates back to the thirteenth century and tells the story of Princess Betaça, who in the distress of a storm promises to build a chapel in praise of the Virgin in the first port you find. This port is Sines and the chapel is the Church of Nossa Senhora das Salas, situated in the western part of the city, overlooking the fishing port.

Eight hundred years later, the devotion to Nossa Senhora das Salas is maintained and on 14 and 15 August there are religious celebrations on the streets of Sines.


Carnaval de Sines

One of the oldest in the country. Sines is one of the Portuguese cities with the greatest carnaval tradition. Every year thousands of people come to this event, recognized nationally in the first decades of the twentieth century, the Carnaval of Sines - the first of the country to have a night parade - mixes the satirical spirit and creativity of the Portuguese with the brilliance and energy of the Brazilian Carnaval to create a vibrant spectacle.


Feira da Primavera

Feira da Primavera is usually held on the first weekend of April, joining the start of a new season of the year. With workshops, storytelling sessions, music and the launch of balloons and petals through the air stand out in the highlights of the program.

Natal no Largo

Christmas in Largo usually takes place on the first weekend of December, transporting the magic of Christmas to the historic center. Photographs with Santa Claus, storytelling sessions, magic, music and snow throwing are some of the highlights of this event.

Other events:

M.A.R – Mostra de Artes de Rua

Prova de Mar na Baía de Sines

Dia do Porto de Sines

Corrida do Porto de Sines

Dia do Pescador